Bosniaks will react against the Decision on Referendum in the RS?

RS nationa assemblyVice-President of Republika Srpska Ramiz Salkić warned yesterday that in B&H there exist mechanisms for protection of the Dayton Agreement, and the activities regarding the referendum in the RS on Court and Prosecutor’s Office of B&H are contrary to this agreement. Due to this reason, Salkić expects reaction from all those who protect “Dayton”.

Furthermore, Salkić noted that all important actors in BiH and outside, not only Bosniaks, highlighted that this referendum is contrary to the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Pointing out that the Bosniak representatives of authority are waiting for a publication in the “Official Gazette of the RS” and the decision by the Assembly on the referendum in the RS on judiciary in BiH in order to undertake certain measures, Salkić said that the preparations for an appeal to the Constitutional Court of B&H against that decision are in progress and it will be reacted in time to the publication of the decision.

However, Salkić pointed out that there are lots of other people who want to protect the Dayton Agreement and that he expects their reaction as well.

“We will not fail to react and we know what we are to do”, Salkić stressed.
(Source: klix.ba)

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