“Science Blurtit”: Neretva is the coldest River in the World

rijeka_neretva_velika_2Neretva River, besides its beautiful green color, is known as a very cold river as well.

According to the “Science Blurtit” from the UK, this beauty from BiH is the coolest river in the world.

Experts on this portal explain the coldness of Neretva River with its spring that is located beneath Jabuka Mountain, the branch of Zelengora, at an altitude of 1.227 meters.

They described Neretva as an extremely clean river that is drinkable everywhere from its spring to the Adriatic Sea.

Neretva is a 230 km long river, it mostly passes through BiH in a length of 208 km and with its smaller part, before the Adriatic Sea, through Croatia (22 km). Its spring is located in the mountainous regions of Herzegovina, beneath Jabuka Mountain ( a branch of Zelengora).

Neretva River was known ever since the Greek period. The Greek colony Narenta was named after this river, which was located upstream from today’s Metkovic. The old names for Neretva River were Nera or Narenta. Neretva River was known after today’s Jablanica, where the Illyrian tribe Narens lived.

For its major part, Neretva River has characteristics of a mountain river with great hydropower potential. Therefore, there are several hydroelectric power plants built there: Jablanica, Grabovica, Salakovac, and Mostar.

It is well-known for its emerald-green color and clean drinkable water.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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