SDA Party claims that Migrant Crisis is used as a Tool for Special War against Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosniaks


The Party of Democratic Action (SDA) believes that there are all elements that suggest that the migrant crisis will try to be used for a special war against Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosniak people and the SDA party as the strongest Bosniak and pro-Bosnian political party,” is written in the press statement.

“The plan is very obvious: do everything possible to get as many migrants into Bosnia and Herzegovina, prevent decision-making or weaken the institutions responsible for resolving the crisis, gather migrants exclusively in the territory where Bosniaks make up the majority, and then blame Bosniaks and their representatives for everything that ensues,” the SDA said.

In that context, the SDA states that Milorad Dodik in the Presidency of BiH has refused the engagement of Bosnian Armed Forces, that the strengthening and equipping of the Bosnian Border Police is being blocked and that nothing is done to increase the engagement of border police officers at the border with Serbia which is the point of entry of migrants to the territory of BiH.

The Council of Ministers, as the SDA points out, has never drawn up a plan for managing the migrant crisis, which the Presidency of BiH has asked for on several occasions.

“At the same time, migrants are treated chauvinistically and with racism, as exclusively a problem of Muslims and Bosniaks, and are deliberately directed to the territories of BiH where Bosniaks comprise a majority population. In North Macedonia, a third of the population is Muslim, in Serbia, it is Sandzak where citizens of Muslim faith live, so those two countries did not direct migrants to those parts of their territory alone. This is done only in BiH,” was emphasized.


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