Second Pride Parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been postponed

The second pride parade has been postponed, according to the organizers, until the epidemiological situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is favorable, and the public will be informed about the date in a timely manner.

“The BiH Pride Parade is a protest that aims to point out the unequal position of LGBTIQ people and all other marginalized groups in our society, whose rights are further endangered and devalued in the midst of the pandemic. The organizing committee of the second BiH Pride Parade has been dedicated in recent months. worked responsibly on the organization of the Parade, in full compliance with all recommended measures. Behind us are numerous internal meetings, as well as meetings with relevant institutions and the international community,” it was stated by the Organizing Committee.

They single out that “there are no safe public spaces for LGBTIQ people in BiH”, and that they face homophobia even when going to public institutions, cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas or any other public place.

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