Security Situation in BiH is Stable

The Commander of EUFOR Dieter Heidecker said yesterday in Sarajevo that the security situation in BiH is stable and expressed his belief that local law enforcement agencies are capable of maintaining this level.

Heidecker said that EUFOR did not have a need to intervene at any level in BiH when it came to security.

“Nevertheless, we must be ready to intervene in case the need arises and if the government calls us’’, said Heidecker to journalists in Sarjaevo.

In BiH there are currently 600 members of EUFOR, but their number during the military training “Fast Response” was increased by around 300 soldiers.

Heidecker announced that the exercise “Fast Response” will be held from 15-28 April, and that soldiers who are stationed in BiH in the framework of the operation “Altea” will attend, as well as one troop from Hungary and one from Great Britain.

He said that during the exercise there will not be combat shooting, but it is possible that there will be a bigger crowd on the roads due to increased movement of the forces in areas throughout BIH.

Heidecker said that members of the BiH Armed Forces will participate in the exercise, together with law enforcement agencies.

He said that the exercise has to demonstrate the capability of EUFOR to successfully activate, quickly schedule and integrate two of the four troups that are on duty in the reserved forces.

Heidecker said that “Fast Response” represents a part of the regular training capability of EUFOR to use reserved forces “over the horizon” when and where it is deemed necessary.

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