Selected works of Ćamil Sijarić promoted in Sarajevo

ćamilLast night, selected works of Ćamil Sijarić were promoted in Sarajevo, on the occasion of 100 years since his birth, reports Fena.

Professors Marko Vešović and Enver Kazaz said that Sijarić was one of the best poets, novel writers of former Yugoslavia who managed to create new historical novel, in which history is just a background for the story with universal message.

They also noted that Sijarić was South Slavic magical realist which makes him Marques of these areas.

The promotion of selected works of Ćamil Sijarić was organised by Association of Citizens of Sandžak, and many important people from BiH public and cultural life attended the promotion.

Ćamil Sijarić was a Montenegrin novelist and short story writer. He enrolled the University of Belgrade’s Law School in 1936 and earned his degree in 1940. He was born in Šipovice, Bijelo Polje in Montenegro to Bosniak parents. He spent most of his life in Skopje, Belgrade and later, Sarajevo. However, almost all his major works are about Montenegro and the Bihor region around Bijelo Polje. His works have been translated in more than a dozen languages, including Russian, German and French.

He was both a member of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Academy of Arts and Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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