Seminar for Members of Legislative Bodies in B&H

caseynigelThe British Ambassador to B&H Nigel Casey will open the seminar for members and staff of the legislative bodies in B&H today in Banja Luka. The topic of the seminar is the role of parliaments in the harmonization of legislation of candidate countries with the EU acquis.

The aim of this project is to provide adequate technical and expertise support, to provide information on structures, mechanisms and skills for planning and coordination of the EU integration process to parliamentarian commissions for the European integration of B&H. This will serve as a platform for policy making in the area of key EU related reforms.

Members of the Croatian and Serbian Parliament will attend the seminar as well, and they will share their experiences with colleagues from B&H.

B&H Foreign Policy Initiatives organizes the seminar within the project “Inclusion of parliamentarian commissions for EU” financed by the UK Government.

(Source: Fena)



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