Seminar: “How to Export to the US and Do Business With American Partners”

business dealThe American University in BiH, in cooperation with the American Embassy to BiH will organize a seminar today on the topic “How to Export to the US and do Business with American Partners”.

The lecturers are experts from the economics department from the US Embassy to Sarajevo: Economic Advisor Lian VonWantock, Deputy Economic Advisor Erin Kotheimer, Economic and Trade Officer Matthew Fullerton and Trade Specialist Edhem Branković.

They will present to a wider audience of members of the Business Club the opportunities to do business with the US and the role of the US Embassy in connecting companies from BiH with US partners.

They will pay special attention of the practical aspects of the so-called “General System of Preferences” (GSP) for the export of products from BiH to the US. This is about a strategic program designed to improve economic growth in developing countries through preferential duty-free imports to the US for 4.800 products from 129 countries, including BiH.

Otherwise, the US recently lengthened preferential tariff treatment of products from BiH until August 2013.

Lecturers will offer a detailed “Road Map and Tools” to interested BIH business people that will help them take full advantage of their GSP program, as well as to establish stable cooperation with American partners.

This is the twelfth lecture in a row from the beginning of this year, in the framework of the efforts of the American University to BiH to establish productive interconnections between business people, governmental institutions and academic communities.

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