Training of New Workers in “Bilećanka”

In the former factory hall “Bilećanka” in Bileći a training for workers in textile industries in four municipalities in Herzegovina began, which was launched this year by the public company “Nikola Tesla” in partnership with German textile companies.

The first group of future workers will be trained to become managers, first for the facility in Bileći that should start with operation at the beginning of May.

Milun Pavlović, the technologist in charge for the training and organization of the work, said that the training for managers began with the use of the old machines because the new production technologies in “Bilećanka” would arrive in around 15 days.

Pavlović said that after the training in Bileći, training for other facilities in the region would also begin.

It was announced that the first facility in Bileći would begin with work on 7 May with 300-400 workers who will produce around 40.000 female clothing items using new and modern equipment.

The facility in Ljubinja should begin production at the beginning of July, and in Trebinje at the beginning of September after the completion of construction work in the old building “Novoteksa”.

There are four floors in the facility in Trebinje, and there will be around 600-800 workers that will sew male and female pants.

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