Serb and Croat Delegates did not want to condemn the Gathering of Chetniks in Visegrad

At the session of the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the delegate of the Bosniak Club Denis Becirovic from Social Democratic Party – SDP passed a solemn oath since he did not attend the constitutive session held on February 28th.

Zlatko Miletic, the Croat delegate, asked from delegates to condemn the event in Visegrad where the Ravignogorski Chetnik movement caused the national intolerance and hatred.

Miletic asked this event to be discussed at today’s agenda, but this was not accepted because all delegates from the Club of Serbs (SNSD party) and Croats (HDZ) except Miletic were against this proposal.

A gathering of the ultranationalist Serb Chetnik Movement in the Bosnian town of Višegrad on Sunday (10 March), has sparked a wave of condemnation from inside Bosnia and from the international community.

Some 200 members of the movement of former Nazi collaborators gathered at the town, on the Drina river, which marks the border between Serbia and Bosnia. They were marking the anniversary of the arrest of their WWII founding leader Draza Mihajlovic.

A video broadcast by local media, showed them singing about how “River Drina will be bloody again”. Višegrad was the scene of the massacres of Muslims in 1992, at the start of the Bosnia War.

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