Serbia handed over a Moroccan suspected of murdering Berovic

Officers of the Intervention-Operational Unit of the Judicial Police in the Federation of BiH yesterday at the Raca/Sremska Raca Border Crossing, took over a person with the initials S.E.D., a Moroccan citizen suspected of murder, in accordance with the order of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo.

It was a person for whom the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo has issued a warrant.

According to the decision of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo on determining the measure of detention and the order of that Court, the suspect will be taken by the Judicial Police to the competent detention unit – the Penitentiary, as the FBiH Judicial Police announced.

On November 26th, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) of Serbia arrested Moroccan suspected of taking part with several other people in the murder of BiH citizen J.B. in Sarajevo on November 17th.

The suspect was then located and arrested in a Belgrade hostel, where he was hiding, presumably with the intention to run away to one of the countries in our region.

The arrest was the result of joint work and exchange of information between the Serbian police and BiH police structures.

The murder of Jasmin Berovic occured in a facility in Otes held by the brother of the murdered man.

Testimonies from the crime scene say that the murdered man and his friends tried to throw migrants out of the cafe before the curfew, but they refused to leave.

There was a fight in which three migrants and five citizens of BiH participated.

Husein Dzilic and Tarik Dzamalija were seriously injured, while Berovic passed away at the scene of event.

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