Serbia interested in Building Airport in Trebinje

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced during his visit to Banja Luka on Thursday that he would start talks with Republika Srpska authorities on building an airport in Herzegovina.

“Today we came up with an idea, we talked about Serbia’s interest in starting talks on the construction of an airport in Herzegovina, to see according to which model, perhaps concessional for 30, 35 years,” said Vucic, adding that the airport would be built between Trebinje, Bileca and Gacko, and Serbia would build the entire airport, infrastructure and manage the airport, eKapija business portal reports.

“There is no profit here, but it is of exceptional importance for Serbia and Srpska, of strategic importance,” said Vucic adding that it was important to build airport networks, “to put Herzegovina in that network”.

He explained that apart from the construction of the bridge over the Sava near Raca, they will go for significant support for the construction of those 17.1 kilometers to Bijeljina. That is a value between 140 million and 150 million euros.

“We are ready to participate in that with 100 million Euros,” concluded Vucic.

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