Serbia, Republika Sprska exchange experiences in judiciary

Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selakovic and Speaker of Parliament of Republika Srpska (RS) Igor Radojicic spoke today in Banjaluka about the situation in the judiciary and public administration in the two countries.
Selakovic, who spoke with Radojicic on the eve of the session of the Council for Cooperation of Republic of Srpska and Serbia, underlined that the memorandum of cooperation between the Serbian Ministry of Justice and Public Administration and the relevant ministries of RS that will be signed today will open up possibilities for a more efficient exchange of opinions and experiences in the field of judiciary.

He specified that this document, among other things, envisages exchange of experiences, such as the experiences from Bosnia-Herzegovina and RS in the application of criminal procedure legislation on the basis of prosecution investigation, as this concept has been applied in Bosnia-Herzegovina for quite some time now and its application in Serbia will start in October next year.

We are not bound just by common history, ideas and goals, but also by everyday problems, both of every citizen as an individual, and of state institutions, the functioning of state bodies and the legislation itself, the Minister said.

When it comes to the reform of the judiciary, he underlined that Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, together with RS, entered the transition process among the last in the region, which is why the exchange of experiences can benefit the states and their citizens alike.

Radojicic said that he presented to Selakovic experiences of RS in the field of reform of the judicial system, noting that in Bosnia-Herzegovina there is an ongoing debate on competencies in the judicial system.

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