Several Hundred Citizens gathered to recall on Traditional Family Values

Several hundred citizens gathered on Saturday in Sarajevo to hold a peaceful walk for the traditional family values.

The organizers of the Traditional Family Day are Citizens Association “Svjetlo” and Non-Governmental Ogranization partners, who have scheduled the rally as a protest against the pride parade in which the center of Sarajevo will be promoted and seek the rights of LGBT people in our country.

Traditional Family Day spokesman Ahmed Kulanic announced the Proclamation on BiH Square in front of BiH Parliament.

He said their view is that the pillar of the family was a marriage between a man and a woman. He stressed that they were not there to ban any gathering, but said “how important families are to every country.”

On behalf of the organizers of the rally, the assembly was instructed to protect their families from all negative influences that could impair its moral values.

Speakers expressed the expectation that awareness of the importance of family would remain and persist in our homeland.

(Photo: Vijesti.ba)

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