Several Thousand People participated in the First Pride Parade in Sarajevo (Video)

With song and applause, the first pride parade gathering several thousand participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries in the region took place on Sunday.

People walked from the Eternal Flame to the State Parliament in Sarajevo, and not only members of the LGBTQ community, but citizens with children, while some of the citizens sent support from nearby restaurants and balconies.

The parade participants shouted anti-fascist slogans and sang the anti-fascist anthem ‘Ay Carmela’.

Member of the Organizing Committee Branko Culibrk emphasized that today’s struggle is actually a struggle for all citizens, not just members of the LGBTIQ community.

“We LGBTIQ people fight for our love every day, homophobes beat us, some institutions stigmatize, take them to treatment, do not give the same access to healthcare, especially to transgender people who have to undergo a complete transition in order to change their documents. It is our duty to speak publicly. We demand a society free of violence and homophobia, legalization of same-sex marriage, healthcare for trans people and change of documents,” Culibrk said.

Small groups of non-governmental organizations organized counter-rallies on Saturday, emphasizing the importance of preserving the traditional family, while a similar, peaceful protest of about 100 citizens was held on Sunday at a park in Ciglane.

The parade went without any incident.

(Source: NAP, photo Klix.ba)


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