BiH’d Defense Minister participates in OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Support Group on the Silk Road

Delegate to the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Marina Pendes attended during the weekend the 3rd international conference of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Support Group on the Silk Road.

Pendes actively participated in three workshops, which discussed building of sustainable infrastructure, promoting transparency and good governance.

The three-day conference will end with a plenary session awaiting the adoption of the Andermatt Declaration, highlighting the need to strengthen the dialogue on economic, political and humanitarian co-operation between member states of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s Silk Road Support Group.

During the conference, it was stated that global connectivity is core to boost development, link countries and tie economies. And this is valid specifically for developing countries, that have been left aside of the globalisation process of the last thirty years.

Large initiatives like the Belt & Road deliver a unique opportunity to apply clear Sustainable Development Goals, and deserves it. This is particularly applicable when it comes to define the terms of large infrastructural investments.

Generate greater efficiency by cooperating together is pivotal, as business and investments do not just create jobs, but may play a significant role in the development of people and societies in economic and cultural manner.

It’s a fact that Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure investment deliver positive results with mutual benefits. And by opening up to market and competition, it is possible to boost prosperity for local economies. This can be achieved provided that rules and terms of engagement are clear, generally accepted by all participants and its application adequately controlled. Cooperating in a competitive environment, though, requires mutual trust by all parties involved. And trust is tightly linked to transparency. Competition is bearable and ideal if it is true and fair.

The conference, which took place in in Andermatt, Switzerland, entitled “The Belt and the Road Initiative as a Driver for the Sustainable Development Goals”, was jointly organized by Swiss Parliament and the OSCE Silk Road Support Group.


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