Significant Increase in Number of Tourists’ Arrivals and Overnight Stays in BiH

In July 2021 there were 132,029 tourist arrivals in Bosnia and Hercegovina which represent an increase by 49.7% as compared to June 2021 and an increase by 177.8% as compared to July 2020. Tourists realized 335,398 overnight stays which represent the increase by 67.6% as compared to June 2021 and an increase by 148.6% as compared to July 2020. Domestic tourists share of total number of overnight stays was 39.8% and foreign tourists share was 60.2%.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a large increase in the index in July 2021 as compared to July 2020, when most accommodation facilities were closed, according to BiH Agency for Statistics.

Concerning the structure of foreign overnight stays in July 2021, most of them (63.2%) were realized by tourists from: United Arab Emirates (20.9%), Saudi Arabia (11.7%). Serbia (9.6%), Germany (6.1%), Kuwait (6.0%), Croatia (5.3%) and Bahrain (3.6%). Tourists from other countries realized 36.8% of overnight stays.

Regarding the average detention of foreign tourist stays in our country on the first place comes: Iceland wiht average stay by 4.2 nights, Kuwait with 3.9 nights, Finland with 3.8 nights, India with 3.7 nights and Japan with 3.5 nights.

Available rooms, apartments and camping sites for tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2021 amounted to 18.227 which is 7.3% increase compared to July 2020. Number of available beds was 39,769 beds, which is increase by 10.3%, compared to the same month of 2020.

In July 2021, in the activity – Hotels and similar accommodation, number of rooms and apartments available to tourists amounted to 16,459, which is an increase of 6,9% compared to July 2020., and number of available beds amounted to 34,164 which is an increase of 9.6%, compared to the same month of the previous year.

Net occupancy rate of rooms was 33.7% and permanent beds it was 29.5% in July 2021 , while in July 2020, net occupancy rate of rooms was 12.5% and of permanent beds 13.9%.

According to the type of accommodation facility, the highest number of nights was recorded in Hotels and similar accommodation with a share of 92.9%

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