Significant Results of Archaeological Research near Ljubuški

b_160930084Prehistoric necropolis was discovered at the territory of Gornji Radišići near Ljubuški, at the micro location Grebine, underneath two hillfort localities Sitomir and Obale.

“Archaeological potential of this locality is evidenced by preliminary research from 2015 which point to the existence of a local Illyrian community with a strong influence of Hellenistic legacy, as well as by scientific sources grounded on terrain examinations,” said the Minister of Archaeology Mirko Rašić, who led the archaeological research at this locality.

Research began in June this year and it is a significant contribution to the better knowledge about material and spiritual culture of local Illyrian communities.

During the research campaign financed by the federal Ministry of Culture and Sport, in cooperation with the Ljubuški Municipality, seven new grave units with a series of typological variations were discovered.

“The area of grave units is bounded by one or more rows of roughly cut limestone blocks which have unequal shapes in terms of the ground plan. Grave unit 7 is truly monumental, with a diameter of 13 meters, wit in situ skeletons with grave findings,” Rašić explained.

After the conducted research, it can be concluded that this is probably the most completely explored necropolis of Hellenistic type in the Adriatic area. Conclusions and scientific analysis of the movable and immovable archaeological material will be a significant amplified to the research of this time period on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

(Source: klix.ba)

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