SIPA arrested Person who was listed on the Interpol Red Notice

A suspect is a person wanted by the judiciary and the police of the Kingdom of Belgium for shooting at the police during a police pursuit.

Acting on the order of the Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, SIPA police officers have arrested the suspect Nikolas Grbesa, born in 1970, a citizen of Belgium and Republic of Croatia.

The aforementioned suspect was listed on the Interpol red notice and wanted by the authorities of the Kingdom of Belgium because he was identified as a participant in an attack on policemen during a police pursuit in October this year, when two police officers suffered serious injuries from firearms and for other criminal offenses.

The above-mentioned person was deprived of liberty and detained in Sarajevo. Activities were initiated to extradite the suspect to Belgium.

Within the scope of the activity cooperation was established with the BIH Border Police and Intelligence and Security Agency

During the course of the activities undertaken the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH maintained significant cooperation with the police and judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as the structures of Interpol.


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