SIPA Police Members seized over Three Million Euros and Jewellery


Police Officers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) on October 8th and 9ththis year have executed raids under the code name “Profit”, when they temporarily suspended the disposal of funds owned by 11 physical and one legal entity in the total amount of 7,071,961.27 BAM located in 24 accounts opened in nine banks and one investment fund (amount from 2.218.498,00 in BAM and amount of 2.481.536,38 in BAM).

Acting on orders from the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo and the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo Canton, SIPA police officers searched five safes used by four persons at commercial banks, which were discovered and temporarily seized cash in the amount of 598,970.00 BAM and gold, jewelry (9 gold dukats (round piece of gold), three bracelets, three necklaces, four pendants, seven rings, nine necklaces, seven earrings, two badges, brooch, pearl grain, earring clasp, gold tooth, watch).

Following the preparation of the report, the temporarily confiscated funds and items will be submitted to the Cantonal Court of Sarajevo for further jurisdiction.

The activities were implemented with the support of police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior.

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