SIPA received a U.S. Donation worth more than 1.5 million Dollars

Representatives of the United States (U.S.) Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) handed over a donation of armored SUVs, night-vision devices, communication equipment, and personal protective equipment worth more than 1.5 million dollars to the BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA).

The donation of armored SUVs, nightvision devices, communication equipment, and personal protective equipment was handed over by U.S. Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson, Military Attaché Brigadier Michael Tarquinto, and Chief of the Office for Defense Cooperation Major Taib Grozdanic.

This equipment will be used by the SIPA Special Support Unit.

According to the U.S. Embassy in BiH, the equipment will enable the SIPA Special Support Unit to fulfill its important mission of providing protection to BiH citizens.

“The U.S. is strongly committed to the rule of law and security in BiH. The U.S. Embassy considers SIPA’s anti-corruption mandate to be one of its most important tasks. It remains one of the most challenging issues for the security community and one of the primary reasons that young people in BiH are considering leaving the country while planning their future, “ it was noted in the statement, while adding that they remain deeply committed to fighting corruption in BiH and the region.


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