Slovenians investing almost 12 Million BAM in Lithium Mining in Bosnia

Five companies, backed by Slovenian businessman Andrej Rautner, have invested millions of marks in founding the mining company Lithium Mine in Laktasi, which will research and exploit lithium ore in the east of Republika Srpska, the Capital portal has learned.

The founders are the companies AR plane, R mercuri and The H from Slovenia and AR plane and Yolle top invest from Laktaši, and the seriousness of their plans is best shown by the fact that they paid 11.8 million BAM as the founding capital.

Rautner confirmed to Capital that through this company he will seek concessions to explore this, in the world highly sought after metal used in the production of batteries.

“We will try to deal with mining if we get concessions. Everything is still in the beginning, the company has only existed for a month. The research would be in the border area between Republika Srpska and Serbia,” Rautner said, promising to reveal more details during his next visit to Banja Luka.

He did not specify the exact locations for the research, but it is known that in the area of ​​Jadra, near the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, lithium reserves were discovered in the world.

Apart from Podrinje, deposits of this, the lightest of all known metals, also exist in the territory of Ugljevik, Domaljevac, Šamac, and in the region of central Bosnia.

In the middle of last year, the Minister of Energy and Mining in the Government of RS, Petar Đokić, announced that he would start exploring the deposit in Lopare, and that one company had received a concession for that exploration.

He stated at the time that some earlier research had shown that there was lithium in the area, and that the reserves would be investigated and how exploitation could take place.

It is estimated that the demand for lithium will increase eightfold in the next 11 years, primarily due to the growing prevalence of electric cars that use lithium batteries.

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