Two Police Officers injured, Police Cars overturned after Migrants clashed

Photo FENA/Harun Muminovic

Two police officers asked for medical help after the intervention in the migrant camp in Blazuj, where the conflict broke out on Wednesday evening, confirmed the spokesperson of the Cantonal Ministry of the Interior, Mirza Hadziabdic.

The Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry confirmed that there was a conflict and that several police teams had been sent to try to restore order, and a FENA news agency reporter reported on the spot that extremely numerous police forces had suppressed violent migrants and that more had been detained.

According to unofficial information, there are also injured people. In riots and clashes with police, migrants overturned and damaged several police cars.

”The riot came after IOM workers tried to relocate a migrant to another camp who was disturbing order at the camp. It is about a migrant, who is actually the leader of one of the groups in this camp. Migrants tried to forcibly release him, after which there was a conflict,” said KS MUP spokesman Mirza Hadziabdic.

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