Sorensen: Yesterday’s Protest Was Clear Demand Sent to Officials To Work in the Interest of Citizens

PETER SORENSEN I (2)Commenting on the end of the protests in front of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly building, the Special Representative of the EU to BiH Ambassador Peter Sorensen announced that the peaceful protests in Sarajevo are an integral part of democratic life, announced the Delegation of the EU to BiH.

“Law enforcement agencies, organizers and all participants are responsible for holding of protests, and everything has to be in accordance with the applicable laws. I would like to thank law enforcement agencies for their contribution in easing the overall situation with a peaceful end to the protest. Yesterday’s protest was a clear demand to the elected officials in BiH at all levels of government to do what they were elected to office for-to work in the interest of citizens. This is a moment for leaders, politicians and state officials to re-commit themselves to the priorities that serve the citizens. Most importantly, a long-lasting solution for the issue of the unique citizen master number has to be found, and efforts to do this have accelerate’’, said Ambassador Sorensen.

In the statement, he said that he was surprised at the common goal of citizens from all spheres of life, and that he saw the support of flow from all parts of the country.

“The citizens sent a clear message that has to be understood-that the job of good government has to be more important than personal interests or political parties’’, said Ambassador Sorensen.

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