SOS Children Villages: The Celebration of 20 Years of Work

sos_djecije_seloThe organization SOS Children Villages in B&H is celebrating 20 years of work, and the central ceremony will be held on Wednesday, 23 April at 19:30 in the Hall of Dom Mladih.

During the previous years, hundreds of Sarajevo and Gracanica children felt a warm atmosphere, love, attention and commitment of the SOS moms and the whole team of people. The programs of family bonding strengthened and held the parents and children together, educational programs, SOS clubs, kindergartens, playrooms, SOS Social Center, programs of support to the education and Superbus, meant for many children the first and for some, the only contact with the educational program.

The central ceremony will be the opportunity to present the success achieved so far, the future strategic focuses, but also to be thankful to the friends and partners who contributed in different ways and who managed to make this organization a trusted one.

On the same day, in the period from 12:00 until 14:00, at the Alije Izetbegovića square (the park in front of the  University of Economics), the mobile-educational program Superbus will organize educational-creative workshops for all boys and girls. This is a gift to all children of Sarajevo, regarding the celebration of 20 years of dedicated work with children. Through the interactive workshops, all children will be able to play new, interesting games, to hang out with peers and to learn something new. Superbus is the movable center for work with children, which uses play and fun, as the main method of studying. Moreover, it has in mind the pedagogical aims regarding the incitement and development of self-confidence, group work, the incitement of mutual respect and the appreciation of differences, such as social, economic, ethnic or any other differences among children.

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