Spanish Tourist Portal recommending Jahorina as Tourist Destination

jahorinaThe popular Spanish tourist portal recommended B&H Olympic mountain Jahorina as one of the most desirable and most acceptable winter tourist destinations in Europe. Jahorina was on the second place of the alternative winter destinations for lovers of skiing where one night costs 77 EUR.

On the first place is Tetovo in Macedonia, where tourists need to pay 38 EUR for one night. On the third place of the most accessible destinations for winter vacation is Bansko in Bulgaria, where one night costs about 100 EUR.

The most expensive winter tourist destinations are in Switzerland and France, where one night costs in average 479 EUR and 464 EUR.

Last season was very successful, and around 150,000 overnight stays were recorded in the first quarter, while visitors were mostly from B&H, and then Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Except for the region, most of the foreign visitors at Jahorina were from Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Russia. Last year the winter season started on the 27th of December, and there were more than 100 quality ski days.

More than 1,205,000 rides by vertical transport were registered, and more than 83,000 ski passes were sold.


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