Spring Street Cleaning Action After 15 March

The big spring street cleaning action will begin after 15 March.

The Cantonal Public Utility Company “Rad” (Work) implemented smaller cleaning actions based on the weather conditions during February and the beginning of March.

“In recent days, four cisterns have been used for washing the streets in the center of the city, or Ferhadija and during the days when temperatures were higher’’, confirmed the spokesperson for the company “Rad” Ahmed Đipa for Fena Agency.

He recalled that “by law the streets are not allowed to be washed if the air temperature outside is less than 5 degrees Celsius”.

There is also manual cleaning of the streets and collecting debris and dirt.

After 15 March, when the work of the Winter Service Company officially stops, “Rad” will, like every year, begin a big cleaning action and washing of the streets in the Canton Sarajevo area according to the priorities of the program.

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