Srecko Trifkovic is suspected of being linked to the Murder of Two Policemen

On Tuesday, Sarajevo Cantonal Court held a hearing of Srecko Trifkovic on suspicion that he could be linked to the murder of two policemen on Friday morning.

The hearing was closed to the public because the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office considers that the presence of the media could endanger the continuation of the investigation.

The court has a deadline to say whether Trifkovic will be detained or released. The deadline is no later than Wednesday at 12:00 o’clock.

Trifkovic lawyer, Tatjana Savic told briefly to Klix.ba that this is the second time that her client had been deprived of liberty in relation to the murder of two policemen.

Apart from this case, Trifkovic is part of a group of 24 people, charged of car robbery, against whom there is a process at Court of BiH. After his arrest in March, he was detained for one month, after which he was released.

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