St.Louis Will Be Like Zenica and Stadium Busch Like Bilino Polje

Argentina-BiH-at-Busch-StadiumThe stadium Busch in St.Louis will be completely ready for the soccer spectacle between the national teams of B&H and Argentina, which will be played on the nights of Monday to Tuesday, according to our time.

The baseball club St.Louis Cardinals, where the match will take place, made an effort so that the field and stands would be fully ready for the match.

Football matches are not held often at this stadium, Thus, for this reason old grass from parts of the fields were replaced, after which new lines will be drawn on the field.

Meanwhile, the euphoria of B&H fans who live in USA is growing with each passing hour. For a few days already in St. Louis, symbolic items representing our national team can be bought, and in houses, offices and shops the colors yellow and blue dominate.

One of the organizations composed of B&H citizens organized “The Day of Dragons”.

Stadium Busch is labeled these days as Bilino Polje by people from B&H living in the USA, and it will be completely full and the majority of stands will be occupied by B&H fans.

Around 40.000 B&H fans who live in the USA are expected to attend the match.



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