Stagnation and mild lowering of the Water Levels recorded

There has been recorded stagnation and mild lowering of the water level in the basins of rivers – Una, Sana, Vrbas, as well as the upper basin of the Bosna River – due to the ceasing of precipitation, spokeswoman of the FBiH Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ), Majda Kovač, told Federal News Agency Fena, adding that the mean flow of the Bosna River has also decreased.

This, she added, is caused by yesterday’s work and drainage of tributaries that bring significant amounts of water to the mainstream.

She noted that the only the water level of the Sava River is on the rise, but at the moment there is no threat of flooding in that area.

The situation in the flooded areas of the Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia Canton, where we had the most critical situations, today is stabilizing, and the water levels of the rivers are stagnant, even in a slight decline.

In the city of Zenica and Kakanj municipality, in the Zenica-Doboj Canton area, a state of natural disaster has been declared due to flooding. Yesterday, some fifty families had to be evacuated for their own safety.


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