State Companies brought the former Giant back to Life

Cable factory boughtThe company TTU Energetik officially started with operation in late March with a total of 53 employees, and only three months later, the number of its employees will be doubled.

To recall, TTU Energetik was created after the Elektroprivreda BiH and the Coal Mine Banovici jointly purchased a piece of property of the Factory of transportation equipment (TTU) from Tuzla, the former giant that is currently in bankruptcy, for a total of 6 million BAM.

“We are planning to hire new workers by the end of June. We do not know exactly how many of them we will hire, but it will be between 20 and 30 new workers,” confirmed Almir Zulic, the director of TTU Energetik.

“Our plan for the year of 2017 is for the number of employees to be 120. We will realize that plan very soon,” stated the lawyer from TTU Energetik, Ibrahim Aljic.

Since the beginning of its work, TTU Energetik signed two contracts that are worth 1.6 and 4 million BAM. With the first contract, they committed to make 24 gravel transporters for the needs of mines in Zenica, Breza and Kakanj, and with the second to make 16 belt transporters for mines in Zenica, Breza, and “Abid Lolic” from Nova Bila.

“We are respecting all the deadlines and we already completed 9 of 24 ordered gravel transporters. Besides the two large contracts, we signed several smaller contracts as well, primarily with Elektroprivreda BiH, and we have many proposals for the new projects. We need more workers in order to realize all of these contracts,” explained Ibrahim Aljic.

The new model that was tried on TTU Energetik, in which the powerful state companies invest in pre-war giants, showed to be very good.



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