Prevent to work for Ford Focus and open 400 New Workplaces?

Prevent Synonym for Export ban.baIn the municipality of Visoko was planned presentation of the project of Prevent that was supposed to be attended by representatives of local communities, and the main aim of this presentation was to present Prevent as a company, its current projects, and the main part is the opening of 500 new workplaces in Visoko in sewing plants of Prevent on the locality of Gorusa.

This is the latest project of Prevent with the Ford Focus, for which the Prevent should start doing business from March 2018 for at least seven years and which will include the hiring of 500 new employees to work on it.

The plan was that all the presidents of local communities and representatives of the municipality of Visoko visit plants of Prevent after the presentation, however, that did not happen after all.

The company Prevent announced that they are looking for 400 new employees in Visoko, and they invited potential workers to attend their sewing course. As they noted, transportation and food are provided for all participants of the course. Everyone who successfully completes this course will get the job, as confirmed from Prevent.


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