The State of Elemental Disaster to be declared because of Drought?

The high temperatures and droughts that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent days created difficulties in the field of agriculture and they could contribute to lower yields, and its effects are particularly reflected in the production of fruits and dairy in the area of Canton Tuzla.

The President of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Canton Tuzla Ilija Stojak stated that the situation on the field is worrying, and agricultural producers are in a difficult situation and great damage can be expected.

From this association urged the authorities to declare the state of the elemental disaster, and noted that agricultural producers need help, especially in providing enough water for livestock.

According to him, the most developed branches of agriculture in the Canton Tuzla are fruit and dairy, in which producers are facing the greatest consequences of drought. Dairies have been threatened because of the lack of green mass and quantities and quality of milk decreased.

He estimated that these kinds of difficulties require bigger incentives and capital investments for irrigation and that it is important to carry out sowing this fall in an adequate manner.



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