Stock Exchanges from Banja Luka, Montenegro and Sarajevo at joint conference

pare1First regional  conference called ‘Market Capital in the function of Development’ which was organised by Sarajevo Stock Exchange in cooperation with Banja Luka and Montenegro Stock Exchange was held yesterday in Sarajevo, reports Fena.

The conference was opened by managers of aforementioned stock exchanges Tarik Kurbegović, Milan Božić and Gojko Maksimović.

Manager of Sarajevo Stock Exchange Tarik Kurbegović said that the goal of joint conference is to attract both local and foreign investors and to promote local capital markets, and added that the conference will point out the potentials of local capital in overall financial system.

Manager of Banja Luka Stock Exchange Milan Božić noted that his stock exchange will give full support to this conference and will continue to cooperate with other two stock exchanges in times to come.

Manager of Montenegro Stock Exchange Gojko Maksumić said that the role of market capital will increase in overall economic system and added that he hopes that through joint efforts of three stock exchanges the capital market will develop as well as overall economic situation in the region.

President of Istanbul Stock Exchange Ibrahim M. Turkhan also attended the conference and added that capital markets face many challenges and noted that regional cooperation is essential and that the fact that people of these areas speak the same language is a great advantage for connecting local capital markets into a single trading platform.

The first topic of Conference, BiH Central Bank Governor Kemal Kozarić and representatives of entity ministries of  finances and Ministry of Finances of Montenegro presented the macro-economic environment of BiH and Montenegro.

Second topic of the conference tackled the corporative management, infrastructure, financing 5C corridor and the role of the state in promotion of capital market.

Around 300 participants attended the conference as well as many international experts from this field from 20 countries ( UAE, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Palestine and Iran).

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