Story about Dalibor Acimovic who returned Wallet full of Money

Dalibor Acimovic is an honest waiter who, by returning the forgotten wallet and documents to a family, definitely embellished their holidays. Although he thinks he has not done anything special and says he expects it from every man who finds the lost things, his act has given us faith in people.

His responsibility and empathy towards his guests make him an even better man, but also a valuable and dependable worker, who in this way, not only promoted a restaurant in which he worked but showed how to value his business.

Acimovic says the wallet and documents are just a part of the stuff that has returned to the owners during the 18 yearlong career.

The family, who, after visiting the restaurant, forgot the purse with documents and money, awarded Acimovic. Proof is that honesty is appreciated and trust is a two-way road, Avaz newspapers reported.

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