Strategic Goal of Kotor Varoš is Cooperation with Businesspeople from Serbia

Establishment of economic cooperation between the municipality of Kotor Varoš and investors from Serbia will be one of the strategic goals of the Kotor Varoš government in 2013.

The Mayor Dalibor Vučanović noted that there are talks underwary with representatives of the city authorities of Zrenjanin, Sremska Mitrovica, Kraljevo and Sombora, as well as Paraćina i Vrnjačka Banja of establishing cooperation with businesspeople from Kotor-Varoš.

‘’Meetings will be organized soon with businesspeople and representatives of the Kotor-Varoš government with leaders of cities and municipalities from Serbia with whom we have established contact and I hope that these meetings will be the first step towards a serious economic cooperation’’, said Vučanović.

He said that Kotor-Varoš is open to foreign investment, adding that those interested to invest in the region would be provided with a number of benefits.

He said that the relevant departments of the municipal government prepared a catalogue for investors where facilities and land that are on offer to investors is presented under very favorable conditions.

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