Student Performance in Front of Building of B&H Council of Ministers

vijece-ministara-zgradaToday in front of the building of the B&H Council of Ministers there will be a performance called ‘Performance of Disenfranchised Students’.

‘’On this occasion, we will have a visually striking performance in order to remind political leaders that, unlike them, we do suffer from a deep winter sleep, but rather we are constantly looking for the rapid improvement of the situation of student standards and the life conditions of the citizens of B&H’’, said to Fena Samir Beharić, member of the informal group of young people (R)EVOLUCIJA+.

He said that students and high school students ‘are used to barren political promises and the collection of campaign points, and have been taught from earlier experiences and are endowed with common sense do not believe the words of politicians’’.

For this reason, Beharić said that students will relentlessly exert constant pressure on political structures in the country in order to get their rights, which means that ‘’we will not wait for the fulfillment of political promises on participation in the Erasmus+ program’’.

They hope that the performance of the organizers will have a stimulating effect on politicians in the goal of solving the problems of youth.

‘’We call on B&H citizens to raise their voice even more this time against an unjust authority, and us, as future generations of this country, will do all that is in our power so politicians consent to the promises they gave us’’, said Beharić in response to a question about the performance tomorrow.

(Source: Fena)

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