Student from Sarajevo to organize a Fashion Show to help Parent’s House

A student of the Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo, Lamija Dervanovic, decided to make a humanitarian fashion show with the aim to help the work of the Parent’s House in Sarajevo.

BH designer Adela Hodzic will present her work at the fashion show that will take place on February 2, and it will start at 7:00 PM in the premises of the former Sa Club.

“Fashion Emergency is the idea that was born as a school assignment of the student Lamija Dervanovic, who wanted to organize some kind of charity event and the Parent’s House was her first choice. I know her from before and she followed my work and therefore, she proposed a fashion show as an ideal event, or more precisely a presentation of my new collection. We are working very hard to realize this idea since the beginning of December 2017,” said designer Adela Hodzic.

The fee will be 5 BAM, and all the funds will be donated to the Parent’s House.

Klabika Collective will be in charge for music, and the special guest will be Dalal Midhat.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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