Students from Mostar made the First BH Formula

formula BIHStudents of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of Mostar made the very first BH formula within the framework of the project “Formula Student” for the biggest competition in the sector of motorsports and student innovations in Europe.

The practice of this competition is to make one bolide car per year, which will be further improved by students for the next competition regarding dynamics or other parts. Young members of the FSRacing Team from Mostar improved the first bolide car Ammodytes, with which they presented themselves at the competition that was held in the Czech Republic 2 years ago, and they started to make the second bolide car as well.

Students needed a total of 35.000 BAM for the creation of the very first BH formula. In the competition of 40 teams at the competition that was held in the Czech Republic, students from Mostar won the 20th place.

“We are very satisfied with our result. Our biggest goal is to pass technical examinations in order to be able to participate in the race. The formula successfully passed the first races, and it is still in the condition to drive. It was tested at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, since these tracks are not long enough for formulas to reach their maximum speed. In fact, the most important is the acceleration, which we managed to achieve,” explained Filip Sabljic, a member of the FSRacing Team.

Formula Ammodytes will be exhibited at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences in Mostar, and students emphasized that they will carry out technical examinations on a regular basis.

Students from Mostar are hoping to be able to present the new car on the European competition “Formula Student” next year.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)

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