Students of IPF distributed Cakes, Roses and Books to the Citizens

asipf2Students of the Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy (IPF) gave gifts to the citizens of Bihac on Monday, the 28th of December 2015.

Citizens had the opportunity to enjoy free cakes made by the students of the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Bihac.

Hard working members of the Association led by President Smaila Balic gave roses with educational messages (hadiths of the Prophet Muhamed p.b.u.h.), shared free books about the life of God’s last Prophet p.b.u.h. and leaflets “Be proud”.

By giving cakes, books and roses they reflected the true picture of Islam to the public, the faith of love towards your close ones, compassion and good.

This is a practical and proactive action for overcoming some possible prejudices and stereotypes about Islam and to offer citizens a concrete help.

(Source: preporod.com)

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