Study showed: Fast Road Sarajevo-Belgrade would be the fastest over Pale

roadThe most advantageous route for the construction of the fast road Sarajevo-Belgrade is the route that goes through Pale, Praca, Hrenovice, Ustipraca, Visegrad and Vardiste.

This was shown in the technical study that was prepared by the two institutes from Sarajevo, IPSA and Eptisa. From a total of five different variants, the study showed that the most expensive route would be the one over Romanija for whose construction in the length of 113 kilometers should be allocated a total of 1 billion 200 million EUR.

The most favorable route is Praca – Visegrad, and its price would be somewhere around 995 million EUR. Preparation of study documentation was also requested by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the RS.

“This study documentation is currently in the process of preparation. The consultant has a deadline to finish the job by the end of December, or to submit versions of construction of the fast road from Sarajevo to Visegrad,” said Natasa Kostic, the Assistant of the Minister for Road Transport of the RS.

“No one can just simply decide on the route, neither BiH nor Serbia, we can just propose the route, but nobody in BiH cannot just simply make a decision about the route,” said Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

The price of a trip from Sarajevo to Belgrade would be cheaper by half, and the length would be cut in half as well. Buses are now driving for 8 hours. The fast road would enable trip there and back for the same amount of time.



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