Success: Approximately 150 People visiting the National Museum daily

museumNational Museum of B&H was reopened about a month ago, and according to the number of visitors and the stable financial situation, things for this cultural institution and its employees are finally going better.

The Council of Ministers, federal and cantonal government completed their promises and paid their parts of the funds on the account of the National Museum, so that this cultural institutions can properly function during the next year.

Director of the Museum, Adnan Busuladzic, stated that this is a specific “financial bypass”, hoping that the memorandum that was signed will start functioning.

“In 2016, all municipalities and all cantons, government, federal government, the Council of Ministers, etc. should start providing funds that are planned, in order to finance the National Museum, as well as six other important cultural institutions of B&H, i.e. institutions whose founder is the Republic of B&H,” explained Busuladzic.

He added that the Ethnology Department of the National Museum is participating in a major exhibition in Maribor, and the staff of the Museum is preparing to open another natural science exhibition, which will be especially interesting to children who will get the chance to see huge white shark caught in the Adriatic Sea as well as the skeleton of a large whale.

Moreover, the promotion of editions and books that the professionals that are working in the National Museum announced while the museum was closed, will be organized soon.

And there is no lack of visitors in the National Museum.

“Of course, every day is different, there are certain oscillations, sometimes we have less visits, sometimes more, but we are generally very pleased with the number of visits,” said Adnan Busuladzic, director of this cultural institution.

He added that they often have organized visits from schools, when the entire primary school with 500 schoolchildren visits the Museum. Although the number of visits is depending on the day to day, approximately 150 people is visiting the Museum daily.


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