Rain caused Trouble: Parts of Prijedor under Water

Water Caused Trouble in Prijedor balkans.aljazeera.netRain that has been falling in Prijedor since yesterday morning caused problems in several urban neighborhoods.

Manholes in the center clogged; therefore the intersections were under water. Drains in front of the Occupational Medicine went loose, flooding the basement with several offices, and in the settlement of Pecani certain buildings can be approached only in boots. However, the worst situation is in Rasavci. Drainage channels could not withstand the rush of flood.

Water enfettered several households. It still did not penetrate into the houses, but the residents fear the night and new rain. Production halls of one private company in the same settlement are also flooded: they received help of the firefighters who circumnavigate the city. The firefighters promised they will be on duty and help wherever it is needed.

“Alerts started coming in, so we are heading to the next terrain to see what the situation is and what we can do. We are always on duty for 24 hours, now it is intensified. The teams are out and we are working”, the commander of the Territorial Firefighting Unit Prijedor Nebojsa Miljus said.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo aljazeera)

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