Success: Tarik Zetica became the Director in Kuwait!

12421492_1733507450219265_508258189_nTarik Zetica (29) from Konjic graduated from the Faculty of Health Studies in Sarajevo in in 2011, and like the other young people from BiH, he tried to find work in his profession and in his town. After he completed the studies and failed to find an adequate job, he went to Kuwait to work in 2012.

“I work for Fawziah Mubarak AlHassawi group of companies (FMH) on the Project Rehafit – Mubarak AlHassawi Medical City, as PT director. Rehafit is actually the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which recently started to work. I am satisfied with my job and salary. For now, I am certainly not planning to come back to BiH because I am satisfied with the conditions in Kuwait,” said Zetica.

Zetica emphasizes that life in Kuwait is a lot different than in BiH.

“The living conditions and incomes are so good here that we cannot compare Kuwait and BiH. When it comes to the job conditions and infrastructure in Kuwait, they are much better than in our BiH because huge money is invested here in the development of medicine,” said Zetica.

He added that the conditions for work in Kuwait are different and very difficult to generalize.

“I usually come to BiH during the holiday, which is mainly in the summer, because the temperatures in Kuwait are quite high then, sometimes even over 50 °C, so that in this period I can’t wait to come to rest because of the unbearable heat,” said Zetica.

He added that Kuwaitis are quite traditional people and they live quite relaxed.

“From around 4 million people who live here, at least half of them are foreign nationals from many countries of Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa, who came here to work and to earn money by themselves, with which they can live very well in their countries,” said Zetica.

“There are not many Bosnians here in Kuwait, and we generally know each other and we hang out. We are using every opportunity whenever we have free time to see each other and spend time together talking about our country,” said Zetica.


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