Successful Bosnian Djemila Gabriel showed her Generosity once again

Djemila GabrielIt is already a well-known fact that Djemila Gabriel organized numerous humanitarian activities in BiH as well as numerous projects, among others, she helped the Clinical Center in Sarajevo and financed the movie directed by Jasmila Zbanic “For Those Who Can Tell No Tales” with her own money.

Honorary Consul of our country for the region of New South Wales was born in Bosanska Dubica, and although she rarely visits her hometown, she is very active in the BH community and in contact with citizens in it, and they have only words of praise for their former fellow citizen. She showed her generosity and a big heart once again by helping the work of local football club.

“FC Borac is the club from Bosanska Dubica, the city where I was born, grew up and lived until the war, or until I was forced to leave it. I am bounded with that city, as well as the club that has a big stadium, especially because my mother owned the restaurant that existed within the stadium before the war. I decided to help this football club and I donated complete football equipment and football shoes for them. It is a proof that the great people do forgive, but they do not forget,” said Gabriel.

Djemila mentioned that the greatest challenge in the current mandate and work after her appointment was the establishment of successful work and classes in schools where children can learn the Bosnian language. She helped the work of the school of the Bosnian language by her own money and donated textbooks and she also provided support to these projects through regular visits and interaction with its teachers and students.

Moreover, Gabriel works on promotion of BH heritage and culture on a daily basis, and together with Rudi Sisic, her colleague and successful businessman from BiH, she donated money for the construction of a monument “Stecak”.

“One of my favorite projects is the gift of the state of BiH to the Parliament of Australia “Stecak”. It is still standing in the garden in front of the Parliament House in Canberra and it will remain there after me,” said Honorary Consul of BiH for the region of New South Wales, as announced by the agency PR.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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