Support in Setting up Air Flights Between BiH and Greece

The Ambassador of Greece to BiH Karlos Gadis spoke with representatives of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of BIH (BHDCA) on the implementation of the project to set up air traffic between the two countries.

The General Director of BHDCA Đorđe Ratkovica thanked Ambassador Gadis for the initiative and the activities carried out in implementing this project. He said that the Department would do everything to accelerate and facilitate the issuance of all necessary permits for the air carrier.

“As a signatory of the agreement on the joint Europe Common Aviation Area (ECAA), BiH is obliged to make possible such flights and we will do everything that is within our jurisdiction that air flights between BiH and Greece becomes a reality”, said Ratkovica.

Ambassador Gadis said that this is one in a series of meetings that he initiated and that will take place in the relevant institutions, organizations and with individuals in order to set up the air flights between BiH and Greece.

“We expect concrete results from this meeting and ways in which potential problems can be overcome”, said Ambassador Gadis.

The General Director of BHDCA Đorđe Ratkovica and the Governor of Civil Aviation of Greece Fofi Papadimitropoulou jointly emphasized that the aviation authorities of both countries, within their jurisdiction, support this project.

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