Svilaj interstate Bridge and Border Crossing between BiH and Croatia to be opened

This month, Bosnia and Herzegovina will get another border crossing to Croatia – the Svilaj interstate bridge in Odzak municipality, one of the most important infrastructure projects on the Vc corridor connecting BiH with Croatia, the Posavina County government said.

They add that the bridge is of strategic importance for the construction of the entire highway. When operational at full capacity, the bridge will be an important communication link with the corridors and highways of European roads, and final preparations are being made for the opening of a modern border crossing.

At the new border crossing, passengers will be separated from freight traffic. In addition, it will have four lanes at the entrance from Bosnia and Herzegovina and three lanes at the exit from BiH.

As part of the new border crossing, among other things, facilities were built to accommodate police officers, inspection services, tax services and more.

Of the other significant infrastructure facilities, four overpasses, three underpasses, two loops and a rest area were built on that part of the highway, the statement said.

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