Svilanović is the new Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council

Goran Svilanović assumed today duties of the Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

“Encouraging progress and growth through regional activities in Southeast Europe (SEE), while supporting the European and Euro-Atlantic integration are basic activities of the Regional Cooperation Council, to which I will also focus in my work,” said Svilanović.

Svilanović said that although there are many challenges ahead concerning the economic crisis, crime and corruption, the first priority of RC will be the development of a strategy for Southeast Europe 2020 for intelligent, sustainable, inclusive growth with specific objectives of trade improvement, investment improvement, and education and administration improvement by 2020.

He announced the continuation of RCC engagement in the field of infrastructure, energy, security, culture, parliamentary cooperation and media development.

”I consider our region a place of dialogue, freedom and mobility, culturally rich, where everyone feels safe and protected by the law. Our work will maintain the willingness and ability of people of Southeast Europe to take control of their own future and to create conditions for overall progress in surrounding filled with tolerance and cooperation”, said Svilanović.

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