Monodrama about Umihana Ćuvidina- the first Bosniak poetess

The story about a famous Bosniak poetess Umihana Ćuvidina will soon be presented to the Sarajevo audience by our prominent actress Nada Đurevska in a monodrama she is preparing with her colleague actor Admir Glamočak, who is also the director of this project. The premiere performance of this monodrama should be in February at ”Despića kuća”.

” I would love to enliven this story about Umihana. ”Despića kuća” is a wonderful space for that. We needed a traditional Muslim room and that already existing set at ”Despića kuća” suited us well. Lejla Hodžić will take care of everything as well as the costumes.”-said Đurevska.

Our famous actress has spent almost two years preparing the material and collecting data about Ćuvidina. This project is very important for her.

” We have spent a lot of time on the text of the monodrama itself, because without the text we would not be able to do anything. Lamija Hadžiosmanović and the deceased Minka Memija have helped me a lot to solve the mystery about Ćuvidina’s life, because it was very hard to find anything about this famous poetess. Everything surrounding her is a legend, except for one poem. Afterwards, Vahida Šeremet has helped me a lot, because she made a story divided in periods, from when Ćuvidina was a young girl, till the years when her fiancee never came back from the war and till her old age.”- said Đurevska.

He collaboration with Glamočak is always great, because as she says, Glamočak is always funny, talented and he works hard. Besides Glamočak, Đurevska has collaborated with Amir Šehić and his wife Amra Daka during the war. They have renewed their collaboration and Amir will be the producer of this project and will also prepare the music for this monodrama. Đurevska is very happy that they will perform this monodrama at ”Despića kuća”, because of the fact that the first theater in B&H was founded there.


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