Take a Look at Amazing 4K Video of Una River during Winter

Strbacki Buk waterfall is a 25 m high waterfall on the Una River (296 m altitude). It is situated on the border between Croatia (Lika-Senj County, city Donji Lapac, settlement Kestenovac) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Una-Sana Canton, city Bihać, settlement Doljani and Celije).

The winter season often brings special charms for a man, but for animals in the National Park (NP) Una, “winter wonderland” makes life difficult because they are struggling to find food under the snow cover.

When deep snows fall, it is useless to bring the food for the animals on the places that they are not already used to when it comes to food.

Therefore, in the National Park Una, months before, they have already started with preparations for the winter supplemental feeding of wildlife, in order for them to get the food in the critical periods of winter without too much wandering, as stated from this park.

In order for animals to get the necessary energy and have physical strength until warmer days, and be able to bare the cold and escape from various predators, feeding places are installed at certain locations within the National Park and their rangers regularly supply them with food.

National Park “Una“ near the town of Bihac, as the youngest national park in this part of Europe, records increased number of tourists, fans of sports on Una River and lovers of natural beauty through all the years of its existence.

Its beauty is reflected in a multitude of looks created by the seasons and different weather conditions, thus every visit to nature reveals new image of unspoiled landscape.

The summer months are more attractive to tourists, but the first snow and fresh air at the National Park “Una” are unforgettable and you have to experience it for yourself.

The nature of the National Park Una wouldn’t be recognizable brand without a balanced flora and fauna. Therefore, preparation for winter days represents both commitment and love of the park rangers and their professional team, as announced from the National Park “Una”.

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